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As with all of our treatments, when developing our massages we decided to throw out the 'norm' and take a long, hard look at how we could improve the desired results of a massage. Born of this goal was a commitment to begin our massage times at 75 minutes (as opposed to the 'standard' massage of 50, 55, or 60 minutes), as the extra time is critical to ensure that the client receives not only a complete full body muscle makeover, but that problem areas that the therapist might encounter can be properly addressed.

Aromatherapy was a given, but we determined that aromatherapy could be used in conjunction with Colored Light Therapy. Colored Light Therapy, or Chromatherapy, is the use of colored light scientifically proven to bring about many of the same desired psychological changes that one would expect from a massage, e.g. relaxation, energizing, detoxification, etc.. Our TruTherapy and Full Monte treatments use a computer controlled LED light system -- capable of emitting 16.7 million different colors -- to create a 'program' of coordinated light to increase the effectiveness of the desired therapy.

Finally, we decided that wanted to offer our clients something better than the typical massage medium of greasy oil or sticky cream. With an eye toward both enhancing the massage experience by providing a richer, more luxurious feeling emollient, as well as finding a product that is actually beneficial for the skin, we came up with an amazing version of a whipped shea butter that we use in most of our San Francisco massage treatments.

TruTherapy75 If you are looking for a full body massage, this is it and then some. Seventy-five minutes of muscle-melting, personally-tailored expert massage. Details $140
TruTherapy105 An hour and forty five minute version of our deluxe Trutherapy full body massage. Details $185
Full Monte An over-the-top experience combining a body treatment with an amazing 95 minutes of massage. Details $230
TruSixty Go 'Spa Style' with this one hour, full body road to relaxation massage Details $130
BackStroke A 50 minute back, neck, and shoulders treatment to, well, end all back, neck, and shoulder treatments. Details $110
Hit the Spot  30 massage filled minutes for your choice of problem muscles.  Details $70


Please note: We charge a 4% surcharge to all treatments to offset some of the regulatory costs to doing business in San Francisco.

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